The best way to approach the Széchenyi-castle is through the French gardens, and the wrought iron gates protected by the watch-man's buildings. Despite it being a low key building decorated by its balcony with toscan columns and the family coat of arms, it is nevertheless one of the most beautiful provincial castles. Room was made here for the collection of the István Széchenyi memorial museum, the largest in the country, which is a monument to the memory of a historical person.

In the museum one can follow count István Széchenyi's life, oeuvre, public and country building activities.  
On the groundfloor one can visit for example the interior design of Széchenyi's ministerial study.
On the first floor one can see the insturmental and pictorial material, dealing for example with the regulating of the rivers (Danube and Tisza), Transportation development (steamboat, train), with the modernisation of the roads' network.

In the cross naval of the building, on the first floor of the Széchenyi-wing the permanent exhibitions from the material of  the National Technical Museum, "The Hungarian industry from Széchenyi to the century"  and the  material from the Museum of Sopron " The history of the Hungarian minting".
In the east wing of the castle - which at one time was the home of  Széchenyi stud at Cenk, one can find the Stud Farm, the OMMI's achievement investigating station. Besides the stables one can visit the exhibition of fourwheeled carriages and decorated saddles found in the coachhouse.

István Széchenyi Memorial Muzeum contacts:
9485 Nagycenk, Kiscenki u. 3. 
Tel. 99 / 360 023  
Tel./ fax : 99 / 360 260

Opening times:
from 1 April  to 31 October: from 10 to 18 ,
from 1 November to 31 March:  between 10-14
On Mondays the Museum is closed!


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