"The village of count István  Széchenyi, 'the greatest Hungarian'". The name of our village in the past two centuries became interwoven with that of the Széchenyi family. It was here that count Ferenc Széchenyi, the founder of the Hungatian National Museum and his son, count István Széchenyi, the outstanding politician of the reform era, with the words of Lajos Kossuth 'The greatest Hungarian" lived and are buried . This is the heritage which is kept alive and can be found in our village through the Széchenyi memorials. We welcome you to these places.

The village is only 12 km from Sopron, at the meeting point of mainroads 84 and 85. Apart from the main roads, our town can be reached by rail, on the Sopron- Szombathely line, operated by GySEV. The number of inhabitants is 1,860. In the past 15 years all the public infrastructures have been built. After several years of planning and negotiating, the outline of a future industrial, commercial and economical park, is to be drawn up, which would give hope and impetus to the district.
The town is situated in the valleys of the two creeks, the Ikva and the Arany, which  originated from the integration of two villages, Nagy- (earlier  Gödör-) Cenk and Kiscenk In recent years, archeologists have excavated Arpadian age dwelling houses, built on a bronze age cemetery, which goes to show, that this area was suitable for human settlements even in ancient times.
The name of the community, in the form of Zenk, was first written in 1291 in a latin deed regarding the sale of property. The village was the property of the Nádasdy family from the XVIth century , which was later passed on to the Széchényi family, through György (II.), in 1711. 
The centre of the properties became Cenk only  during the occupation of  Count Ferenc Széchényi, in 1781, when the court of the count moved from Horpács to the castle.
Count Ferenc Széchényi offered to his nation an enormous book, map and coin collection concentrated at Cenk, and with that, founded and established the Hungarian National Museum and the National Széchényi  Library which bears his name.
Count Ferenc Széchényi divided his possesions while still alive, and Cenk has been inherited by István.


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