In the vicinity of  Nagycenk's Széchenyi-castle, through the initiative of Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurti Vasút (GYSEV) , in 1972 the Transportation Museum's 760mm trackgauged steam operated miniature trains, the Széchenyi Museumtrain.

The train is operated by GySEV Rt. but only children are also on duty on the train. The steam locomotive and train was manufactured at the beginning of the century while the diesel engine bought in 2003 was constructed in 1950.

The length of the Museumtrain tracks are only 3600m, yet it gives a pleasant relaxing trip for all age groups.

The Museum train is operated between 8th April and 8th October on Saturday, Sunday and on bank holidays on schedule.

For weekdays at the department of passenger transport of the headquarters of GYSEV private train can be ordered.We  request that because of operation of the train send your ordering to Passenger traffic Class 1 week before departure.

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