Opposite to the entrance of the castle is where the 20 meter wide, 2,6 km long linden tree avenue starts, today that is part of the world heritage. Count Antal Széchényi and his wife Zsuzsanna Barkóczy requested the planting of the dual alley.

Originally it was used as a riding alley. Over the period of more than two hundred years, a third of the trees has died. At the time of planting there were 645 small leafed linden trees, today the number is reduced to 461. Their average height is around 16 m. In 1975, with serious financial input, a preservation and reconstruction work has started, registration, trimming, filling (with concrete), rejuvenating, replacing.

Today it has become clear, that the above mentioned intervention was not successful. Because of the ever advanced decay in 2002, a drastic trimming process was introduced, but the environmental specialists did not find this solution viable either. We can only hope that with a new technique  the life of the lindentree avenue, which is a rarity even in the world heritage list, can continue.

At the bottom of the lindentree line one can visit the beautiful sepulcre of the son of the greatest Hungarian, Béla Széchenyi and his beautiful wife, Hanna Erdődy.
Count Béla requested the building of the enourmous sarcophagus made of red granite and embossed with bronze for his wife, who died at the age of 27, while giving birth to their daughter. Count Béla Széchenyi, was buried beside his beloved wife in 1918, after being a widow for 46 years. The enscription on their headstone is:
"May they be as happy in their future life, as they loved each other fervently."


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