Art Festival, Nagycenk Harvest Festival

Annually there are two cultural events that make our life colourful. At the beginning of August is the time for the programmes of the Arts Festival with assistance and organisation from SONARE funds, and of which one of the permanent supporters and debuter is Jeno Jando, the world famous pianist. The location of the Arts Festival  is in the Széchenyi-castle and the banqueting hall of the Castle hotel as well as Saint Stephen's Parish church and the village hall.

On the last weekend of September, we celebrate Nagycenk's Harvest Festival. On the two days we are awaiting visitors with sport, cultural and musical programmes, as well as with the harvest procession that became famous around Hungary.

The visitors are looked after by three restaurants, hotels, bed and breakfasts and by the villagers who let rooms.

Twin town, Eu-Charta

In 1991, a twinning has been established with the neighbouring Deutschkreutz (Ausztria).
We exchange educational and governmental experiences yearly with the austrian village, that boasts about 4000 inhabitants.

Our latest common gathering  was on the 1st May 2004, on the day of EU (joining ) assencions, the opening of the border. (The first time since the passage in 1956).

In the recent past, because of a request, our village joined the rural districts' of the European community, in which all EU countries represent itself with one habitation. In the process of the enlargement of the Union it was possible that from the newly joined countries a habitation would become a part of this organization, and our community was honoured by this privilige that we can represent Hungary.


EU-Agro Kft.