Nagycenk is part of the World Heritage list by two of it's areas. The judges when examining the unity and the harmony of the built up environment found the  Széchenyi castle of Nagycenk and the park surrounding it, as well as the linden tree alley and it surroundings which is the connecting link with the Ferto region, suitable for being under the patronage of the World Heritage, as part of the Ferto region World Heritage.

Lake Ferto - which boasts the largest dimension of reeds in Hungary , though only a quarter of the lake belongs to Hungary - was declared as a biosphere reservatum by UNESCO, because of its unique natural assets. As it is the continent's largest salt water lake, it is the most western example of the Eurasian steppe lakes.

The uniquiness of Fertő-landscape's flora is that here plants requiring different enviromental background can live together (i.e. the Hill messenger, the heartleafed coccoon flower globularia (Sopron, Viennese hill) and the anemone or pulsatilla which brings steppes to mind).

The park around the Széchenyi- castle, which has also won the world heritage title, is also full of plant specialities.
The sycamore maples are over 200 years old, the exotic Californian mamooth fir, and the rest of the different tree specialities brought here from far fetched lands are all sheltering places for birds and other small animals. According to bird specialists one can observe 20-25 different bird species among the trees.


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